Anonymous asked:
do you know of any ways or links to watch motorcity online & free??? i can't find anything on youtube

all the episodes are available on the US/Canada iTunes store, so if you can, please support the official release!

you can watch it here online for free




I think it’s something like “If you can’t get it officially, make it yourself?

aka they made a homemade dvd cover for any MC episodes they ripped (but are hopefully not planning to sell as a bootleg?)

well, that explains that


The season 2 intro that could have been…



i got tired of my style so motorshingeki

many question marks

and they’re so reckless they dont have seatbelts

It keeps coming.

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Never before seen Motorcity logo concept art!

Which one is your favorite?


So that little announcement I was talking about? Well here it is!

You can now buy a Motorcity poster signed by Chris P!  We only have a few though, so grab one while you can!


I love rock n’ roll
put another dime in the jukebox, baby

I had Rock Sugar on loop a while back and this song's one of my favorites so I kept looping it and looping it until that one line stuck out and connected itself to Motorcity…



Chuck you are the most sugoi burner.

(because I really love this shirt and and my motorcity-wired brain remembered this post)