If you are interested, then we’re currently under the process of gathering a team of dedicated writers and artists who wish to continue and develop Motorcity’s world through a non-profit webcomic; code-named MOTORCOMIC.


MOTORCOMIC’s mission: 

To extend Motorcity’s fanbase and relevance by sticking as close to the series’ canon elements as possible, while implementing the concepts, character arcs, and story-pitches that were planned for season 2.

The overall collaboration will be broken down into a series of short and loosely-tied chapter-based comics, or in this case, ‘character arcs’, centered around each specific Burner.  Very much like that of the show, which featured character-centered episodes, MOTORCOMIC intends change things up by incorporating specific art styles, themes, and tones that are meant reflect each Burner’s background, development, and personality through his or her ‘arc’.  This means that each and every separate character-driven arc will not look the same, feel the same, or unfold in the same way. All of the character-based chapters will become their own distinct works with their own unique format of storytelling, yet will remain congruent with one another thanks to a continuing plotline that ties all of their arcs together.

The comics themselves will most likely stick to a traditional format for the time being and will be updated through a social blog site such as Tumblr. However the idea of transitioning to an animated, flash-based format, or even the inclusion of sounds, fan music and a personal site is up for consideration, if enough people are willing to involve themselves with the project.

1. So, how’s all of this organized?  Who’s in charge of the whole thing?

MOTORCOMIC’s crew will be broken-down into a series of small teams, all of which are determined and arranged by a combination of global timezones and ‘character arcs’ (character-based chapters).  Each team will consist of 2-6 individuals (no more, no less,) whose goal is to complete their said ‘arc’ by a certain due date.  All teams will be given a large degree of creative freedom while informing and notifying the other teams of their said progress and edits through frequent chatroom meetings, GoogleDoc collaborations, or Skype discussions.

As for the ‘leader’, there are no leaders.  MOTORCOMIC is a fanbase-driven, non-profit effort that intends to equally distribute all of the teams’ work efforts.  Everyone involved with the project is allowed to add their own input, feedback, and recommendations during pre-production periods and editing stages.  A select group of persons or teams will not feel overburdened over others, and if certain members can no longer participate in the project or feel the need to take a break due to actual troubles or events occuring in their personal lives, then other potential volunteers or current crew members will take their place.  

However, this does not mean that a crew member is allowed to drop the project at random without consequences; if you’re beginning to feel tired, overburdened, or overwhelmed with the project, then please inform your teammates and fellow crew members so that we’re able prepare ourselves ahead of time for your potential hiatus or departure.

Due to the demands of real life, we realize that people will not always have the time to dedicate themselves to a fan project and we’ll always keep note of that throughout the comic’s development process.  This is not a paying job, so one’s involvement in the project should not feel like a job. We’re doing this because we love Motorcity.  All in all, it should feel like a fun, community-based experience.  Not a chore.

2. Sounds awesome so far!  What can I do to help?

We’re currently searching for a wide variety of dedicated people who are skilled with one or several of the following criteria:

-Digital artists, those who have a basic understanding of anatomy, depth, posing, character design, or lineart.

-Storyboarders, specifically those who are knowledgable about the basics of panel formats and layouts used for comics and graphic novels.

-Writers, those with a stern focus on dialogue and characterization or ones that are willing to do legitimate research for world-building if the narrative deems it necessary.

-Digital painters, those who are skilled with coloring and color schemes, can implement dynamic lighting and shading to characters and settings, or are capable with painting background/scenery art.

3.  Alright, Now how do I join?

Easy. In order to join, simply send a private message or fan mail submission to us via Tumblr ( that contains ONE OR SEVERAL of the following requirements listed below:

  • 1.  Your email/gmail account:  In order to gain access to new information, announcements, updates, scheduling, and production changes, we’ll need an email address (one that has access to GoogleDocs, specifically) to keep you informed.
  • 2.  Your Skype username:  This is important if you want to keep in-touch with fellow teams and crew members for the time being.  
  • 3. A brief list of your skills: Essentially what you can bring to the project and what positions you’re interested in (example: If happen to be an artist that’s great with posing, shading, and line art, then you should obviously include that in your message to us!)
  • 4.  Examples of your work: are recommended, but not necessary.  A link to your deviantArt account, the art tag on your Tumblr, or even a fanfiction one-shot from will do.  It doesn’t have to be something fancy or finished; sketches, line art, roughs, prompts, anything is fine as long as it’s able to successfully convey your skills and give the other members a general idea of your work.

4.  Oh no, I can’t open a Skype account and my email address doesn’t have access to GoogleDocs!  What do I do!?  Can I still join!?

Don’t worry. We’re always searching for other options and methods for MOTORCOMIC groups to keep in touch with one another.  We’re taking global timezones and social sites and chatrooms such as Mibbit, Twitter, and Facebook into consideration.  Just let us know about your situation in your private message to us and we’ll work something out.

On a final note, MOTORCOMIC is, in its essence, a fandom’s love letter to an amazing animated series and the talented crew of Titmouse artists that were able to make it happen, all while pushing the boundaries of modern cartoons. Even if certain fans are unable or unwilling to participate within any of the teams, they’ll still be able to contribute by submitting their headcanons, fanart, fanfictions, and theories to us through messages or a Tumblr blog of sorts, all of which will be taken into consideration for the actual comic arcs.  We intend to create something truly great that will impact the fanbase and those within it in a positive way.

So if you’re still interested… Well then, why don’t you stop by and send us a message? We hope to see you on board!

Live fast; live free, Motorcitizens. B)

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Posted on Wednesday, 9 January
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